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0B9K5478  8K Logo   0B9K5481

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HT0A6821    HT0A7122

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Equipment Rental Solution for Motion Pictures

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Angenieux Optimo 16-40mm & 30-76mm Lenses

angenieux_16_40_optimo_16_to_40mm_optimo_1107020.jpg  30-76_droite1.jpg

13393913_10153739796921243_4965313610492798652_n   HT0A7042 - Copy


 Red WP 7 CF2  IMG_5126

filmcrane  SCP3

ALEXA Mini 4k Camera Rental

1932732_10153857279528438_3816900017198369225_o[1]  IMG_6774

ARRI Alexa XT/XR Camera Rental

al_xt_01-600x248  IMG_1070-600x400

ARRI Alexa XT Plus with open Gate (FSND Set Full ND0-ND2.4)

ARRI Alexa XR 4:3 plus Camera Body with XR Module



Screen-Shot-2015-02-06-at-7.56.23-PM-600x242  HT0A7057

RED Dragon Epic / Red Weapon 8k Camera Rental

  7a  523751_10150922824778438_1730409352_n

Red Dragon 6k Camera

Red One MX Camera

Red Weapon 8K Camera Coming Soon


Sony PMW-F5 with AXS-R5 4K Rec w/  EOS or PL Mount Rental

Sony-F5-title-2-561x600   HT0A7094


35mm PL Prime Lenses Option

Cooke S5/i   18, 25, 32, 50, 75, 100, 135mm Lens Rental

10420054_10153606528228438_3959655641678323227_n  IMG_0374.CR2_-600x316

Leica Summicron – C 18 , 25 , 35 , 50 , 75 , 100mm Lens Rental


ARRI Master Prime Set 18 , 25 , 35 , 50 & 75mm , 100mm Macro  , 135mm Lens Rental

120  IMG_7308-600x321

ARRI Ultra Prime Set 16mm, 24mm, 32mm, 50mm & 85mm Lens Rental

Ultra-Prime-1024x6821-600x343  MG_9766-1024x563

ARRI Ultra Prime 12mm wide Angle  ,  ARRI Ultra Prime 14mm ,  ARRI Ultra Prime 135mm


35mm PL & EOS Mount Film Zoom Lenses Option

Angenieux Optimo 12x 28-340mm T3.2 Lens Rental

  1468793_10151769921511243_224801914_n1-600x398   734422_10151769921391243_714023113_n-600x398

Angenieux Optimo 45-120mm T2.9   PL or EOS Mount Rental

  IMG_5358-600x256  IMG_5364-600x409

ARRI Alura 18-80mm & ARRI Alura 45-250mm  Lens Rental

IMG_1250-600x400  IMG_1224-600x400

Zeiss LW2 Zoom 15.5-45mm T2.8 PL or EOS Mount Rental

Zeiss LW CP2 Zoom 70-200mm T2.8  PL or EOS Mount Rental

Cooke 25-250mm Tele Zoom f3.9 / f5.6


ARRI Carl Zeiss High Speed Prime Set 18, 25, 35, 50, 85mm ARRI Carl Zeiss 10mm Wide Angle


Arriflex 60mm Macro


Canon 4k Cine Zoom CN-E15.5-47mm T2.8 & CN-E30-105mm T2.8 EOS Mount


Canon Cinema Camera & Canon Cine Lens for Rental


Canon with 4K External Recorder Rental

Canon C500 with Odyssey 7Q with Canon 4K Raw Rental


External Recorder

Gemini 4: 4: 4 ARRI / Canon Raw HDD Recorder Rental

AJA Kipro Mini 422 Pro Res Rental

Atomos 4K Shogun Ready for Rental

Sound Device PIX240 422 Rental



35mm PL Prime Lenses Option

Canon 4k EOS 1D-C  Cinema  Camera Rental


Canon EOS 5D MK2 & Canon EOS 5D Mk III Camera Rental

Canon EOS – C300 & Canon EOS-C100

Canon EF14mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 135mm,

50mm Macro, 100mm Macro,180mm Macro

Canon 16-35mm, 24-70mm, 24-105mm, 70-200mm , 28-300mm , 100-400mm


Canon 4k Cine Prime EOS  14mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 135mm Rental


Zeiss Compact Prime Set CP2 18mm, 21mm, 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 135mm

Stranded Prime CP2 (21mm, 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm)

Panasoic AJ-PX800 HD422 The World Lightest 2/3 inch Broadcast Camera for Multicam Set up with  8x  Units System


Panasonic AG-AC160 Camera Rental

Panasonic AG-HPX250 Camera Rental

Panasonic AG-AF102 with Kit Lens Rental

Panasonic AG-HPX502 Broadcast Camera Rental

Sony NEX-FS700 with Kit Lens Rental

Sony FS7 4k Camera Rental

Sony A7S DSLR Camera Rental

Sony PMW-200 Camera Rental

Sony PMW-300 Camera Rental

Sony PMW-EX3 System x6 Units Camera / HS400 Vision Mixer Rental


Sony PMW-F3k Camera  Rental / EOS or PL Mount Rental

HD Multicam Video Mixer Panasonic HS400 8 Channel Mixer Panasonic HMX100 4 Channel Mixer IDX Wireless HD Video TX/RX w/ Batteries & HD-SDI Black Magic Converter 100mm bowl Tripod Sachtler Caddy, DV10, DV8, V20, V18 Tripod w/ low Leg & Hi hat 75mm bowl Tripod Sachtler SB6, ACE Tripod 150mm BowlTripod


GoPro Hero 4 / Black 4k Camera Rental

Gemini 4: 4: 4 / HDD Recorder Rental

Zeiss ZF EOS Mount (18mm, 21mm, 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm)

Contex Carl Zeiss EOS ( 18mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 135mm, 180mm )

ARRI Carl Zeiss High Speed Prime Set 18, 25, 35, 50, 85mm

ARRI Carl Zeiss 10mm Wide Angle , 60mm macro , 100mm Macro ,135mm

Cooke 25-250mm Tele Zoom f3.9 / f5.6 Rental

Bartech wireless Follow Focus Rental


Chroziel Fox Wireless Follow focus


Hocua Focus Wireless

ARRI Wireless Follow Focus, Follow Focus & Accessories

ARRI 3 Axis Wireless Compact Unit WCU-4 ARRI Zoom Main Unit ZMU-3A Hand Grip Zoom Controller

Movi M10 Rental / DJI Ronin & DJI  Ronin M Rental


DJI INSPIRE 1 4k Drone Equipment Rental

O,Conner 2575D Fluid head , Ronford heavy Tripod Low Leg , Hi Hat Rental

Sachtler 9+9 Fluid head, Ronford Tripod, low Leg, Hi Hat Rental

TV Logic  5.5" , 5.6”  ,  7" ,  17"  &  24"  HD – SDI  Monitor Rental


Panasonic HD BT-LH1700WE LCD MonitorPanasonic HD BT-LH900E LCD MonitorASTRO WM-3215 HD Waveform, VectorHD-SDI 80m Cable RollMagliner Camera Cart

Power Generator Support Rental

Honda Portable 6500w Generator 32|Amp Output Low Noise

Honda Portable 3000w Generator 13Amp Output Low Noise

Honda Portable 2000w

High Power 45KVA Generator / 60KVA / 100KVA / 120KVA Generator


ARRI Camera Accessories Support Rental

4×5.60 Matte Box & 6×6 Matte Box & Follow focus

ARRI 4×5.60 MB20 Production 19mm Matte Box w/ Flag & Side Flag

ARRI 4×5.60 LMB 25 Clip on Matte Box

ARRI 6.6 x 6.6 LMB6 Clip on Matte box w/ Flag

Chroziel 4×5.60 Matte Production 19mm Matte box w/ Flag & side Flag

ARRI FF4 / FF5 Follow Focus

ARRI 6×6 Studio Matte Box

ARRI MB-14 6.6”x 6.6”Production Matte Box with Top Flag, Side Flag & Masks

ARRI LMB-4A 6.6” x 6.6”Clip On Matte Box

ARRI 5.65” x 5.65” Studio Matte Box

ARRI 5.65” x 5.65” Compact Matte Box with Top Flag & Side Flag

Chrosziel 4×4 & 4×5.65”Matte Box

Chrosziel 805-02 4×5.60 Matte Box Production 19mm Matte box with Flag & Side Flag

Chrosziel CWAH-FV 15mm 4×5.60 Matte Box with Flag

Chrosziel MB 415 15mm 4×5.60 Matte Box with Flag


4×4 ND 3, 6, 9

4×4 Grad 3, 6, 9

4×4 Soft FX ½,1,2,3

138mm Polarizer

5×5 Polarizer

4×5.65 Polarizer

4×5.65 IRND 3, 6, 9, 1.2, 1.5

4×5.65 Hot Mirror IRND 3, 6, 9, 1.2, 1.5, 1.8

4×5.65 ND 3, 6, 6, 1.2, 1.5

4×5.65 Hot Mirror Clear

4×5.65 IR ½ & 1

4×5.65 Clear Filter

4×5.65 Soft FX Set ½, 1, 2, 3, 4

4×5.65 Black Promist ½, 1/4,1/8

4×5.65 White Promist

ARRI UltraSonic Distance Measure UDM-1


ARRI 19mm / 15mm FF4 with Right Hand Knob

ARRI 19mm / 15mm FF5 woth Right Hand Knob


Rat Tail


Hocus Focus Wireless Follow Focus

Directors ViewFinder PL Mount


Magliner Camera Cart & Tripod Basket Rental


150mm Bowl Fluid Head w/ Tripod, Hi-Hat, Low Leg & Wheels O’Conner 2575D 150mm Bowl Fluid Head w/ Ronford Heavy Duty Tripod, Hi-Hat, Low Leg & Tripod Wheels Sachtler Studio III 9+9 150mm Bowl Fluid Head w/ Ronford Tripod, Hi-Hat & Low Leg OR Sachtler Tripod, Hi-Hat & Low Leg Sachtler Studio II 7+7 150mm Bowl Fluid Head w/ Ronford Tripod, Hi-Hat & Low Leg OR Sachtler Tripod, Hi-Hat & Low Leg

Walkie Talkie w/ Ear Piece


HD Monitors


TV Logic 24”HD Monitor TV Logic 17” HD Monitor TV Logic 7” HD Monitor TV Logic 5.6”HD Monitor TV Logic 5.5” HD Monitor Panasonic HD BT-LH1700WE LCD Monitor Panasonic HD BT-LH900E LCD Monitor ASTRO WM-3215 HD Waveform, Vector Scope

Magnum Dolly full Set / Ubangi & Duo Jib / Duo Jib Rental


Movie Tech Magnum Dolly, Charger Adaptor Plate w/ Case

24V Batteries x4, Magnum Mains Charger Units

Magnum Master Truck x6, Curve x4, Water Leveler, Wedges, 246 & Basso Block

Hand Control Units, Running board Platform, Low Platform

Platform set in Case, Round Seat x2, Off set Ball Adaptor 150mm

Offset Euro adaptor extension (Low, Middle, Long) 150mm

Riser (low 20” & High 40”), Set of Carry Bar x4 pcs

Seat Arm Combined 6pcs with Connection Bolt x6

Track Protection Cap for end section Male x24 / Female x16

Drive Ramp x1, Tie Brace x12, Tube Kit with Extension,

Counterbalance Rod, offset Euro adaptor, Double Euro Mount

Low Shot Chess Plate

Magnum Duo jib Complete Set with case and Weight x12

Movie Tech Ubangi w/ Weights, Heavy Duty Tripod & Weights

Dolly, Tracks & Low Angle Accessories

Matthew Doorway Dolly Rental


HK Dolly

Focus Dolly

MovieTech 7.5ft Master Track

Movietech 5ft Master Track

Movietech 3ft Master Track

Movietech Ramp

Matthews 8ft Tracks

Matthews 3ft Tracks

Matthews 45 Degree Curve

Matthews 90 Degree Curve
Matthews Ramp

Porta Glide for Doorway Dolly Rental


HK Dolly 5ft Straight Tracks

HK Dolly Curve Tracks

Round Seat for Matthews Doorway Dolly Rental


LosMandy Porta Jib 150mm / 100mm Rental


Ronford F7 150mm Fluid Head Rental



Cranes & Jib Rental

Andy Jib 18ft , 24ft, 32ft & 40ft Crane with Remote Control Head


Jimmy Jib  18ft  , 24ft  , 32ft Crane with remote Control Head Rental



KE Studio Master 12ft Crane & Eagle Remote Head Rental


Polecam for  Canon C300, 5DMK3  with Sachtler 18 heavy Duty Tripod Rental




Micro Dolly Jib & Micro Dolly Rental



Matthew Floatcam DC/HD 5ft Slider Jib


Megadeck 4ft x 6ft / 4ft x 4ft Platform / Pole 2ft, 3ft, 4ft Height Rental


STEADICAM  Flyer Rental


GlideCam HD4000 / HD2000  w/ Arm & Vest Rental

Steadicam Merlin

Gyro Stabilizer KS-8

Kessle 3ft or 5ft Slider w/ Time lab Remote Motor Control



17”VS Prompter

17”Autocue Prompter


Clapper board

Versa Flex digital Slide Board

Walkie Talkie Motorola Back Rental


Industry Fan

Smoke Machine

Wind Machine Drum

AJA HD-SDI to SD Down converter

Black Magic HDMI to HD-SDI Convertor

Black Magic HD-SDI to HDMI Converter


ARRIMAX 5600k Daylight Rental

ARRIMAX M90/ M60 with High Speed Ballast

ARRIMAX M40/M25 – *Option of High Speed Ballast

ARRIMAX M18/M12 – *Option of High Speed Ballast

ARRIMAX M8 – *Option of High Speed Ballast


ARRISUN HMI 6kw Par light – *Option of High Speed Ballast

ARRISUN HMI 4Kw /2.5kw Par light – *Option of High Speed Ballast

ARRISUN HMI 575w Par light – *Option of High Speed Ballast

ARRI 18kw HMI Fresnel Compact


ARRI HMI 12kw/18kw Fresnel Compact with High Speed Ballast

ARRI HMI 6kw Fresnel Compact – *Option of High Speed Ballast

ARRI HMI 2.5Kw Fresnel Compact – *Option of High Speed Ballast

ARRI HMI 1.2kw Fresnel Compact – *Option of High Speed Ballast

ARRI HMI 575w Fresnel Compact – *Option of High Speed Ballast


ARRI T12 Fresnel 12kw / 10kw

ARRI T5 Fresnel 5000w

6kw Mole Richardson Space Light

2kw Mole Richardson Space Light

ARRI 2kw Fresnel 2000w

ARRI 1kw Fresnel 1000w

ARRI 650w Fresnel

ARRI 300w / 500w Fresnel

Dedolight 150w

Dedolight 100w

Blonde 2Kw

Redhead 800w

ARRI 750w

Lowel 1000w Rifa Lite

ETC Source four 750w

1000w Par can Spotlight

Chimera Latern 1k – *Option of Lantern / Pancake

KINOFLO 5600k / 3200k Rental


Kinoflo 3ft x 6Bank Vista Beam 600

Kinoflo 2ft x 4Bank Diva lite 400

Kinoflo 4ft x 8Bank Flathead 80 / Image 85

Kinoflo 4ft x 4Bank with DayLight & Tungsten Tube

Kinoflo 2ft x 4Bank with DayLight & Tungsten Tube

Kinoflo 2ft x 2Bank with DayLight & Tungsten Tube

Kinoflo 2ft x 1Bank with DayLight & Tungsten Tube

Kinoflo 4ft x 2Bank with DayLight & Tungsten Tube

Kinoflo 4ft x 1Bank with DayLight & Tungsten Tube

Kinoflo 1ft x 1 Bank with Batteries

Miniflo Car Kit set of 2 pcs 5600k / 3200k

KinoFlo Celed LED

Kinoflo Celeb 200 – *Option of Battery Powered

Kinoflo Celeb 400

Joker Bug 5600k 200w , 400w , 800w  Rental


Joker Bug 800w – *Option of Bug a Beam with Source4

Joker Bug 400w – *Option of Bug a Beam with Source4

Joker Bug 200 – *Option of Battery or AC Powered



1ft x1ft Lite Panel Single Color LED Light

Lite Panel Mini Plus

1ft x 1ft Bi Colour LED Light

LED onboard Camera Light

Other Light Support

1000w / 2500w / 5000w Dimmer

125Amp 3 Phase Cable 30m

125Amp 3 Phase Break Out Box

63Amp 3 Phase Break Out Box

63AMP Single Phase Cable   10m

32Amp 3 Phase Break Out Box

32Amp Single Phase Cable   10m

13Amp Cable 8m

DMX Control up to 16 Unit

Chimera Soft Box & Speed Ring Rental

ARRI 300w Speed RingARRI 650w Speed RingARRI 1k Fresnel Speed Ring2k Blonde RingARRI 575 HMI Fresnel Speed RingARRI 1.2k HMI Fresnel Speed RingARRI 2.5k Fresnel Speed RingARRISUN 2.5/4k Par Speed RingARRISUN 6k Par Speed RingChimera Soft Box sizes in S,M,L,XLPhotoflex Chimera Sizes in Sx,S,M,L


40”Century Stand with Arm20”Century Stand with Arm60”Century Stand with ArmGaffer ClampSuper ClampCardellini ClampMagic ArmQuacker ClampSwiveling ClampSky HookMini ClampVariable Friction ArmQuick Release ClampDouble Articulated ArmBaby Wall PlateAuto PoleCeiling ScissorApple Box set / Pan Cake SetPump Cup with 16mm Swivel SocketMatthews High RollerMatthews Low BoyLow Boy w/ RollerHigh Stand with Cranking ArmC-BoomJunior BoomManfrotto 007UManfrotto 007Manfrotto 004Manfrotto 269Manfrotto Windup StandFrames3ft x 3ft Frame4ft x 4ft Frame4ft x 4ft Reflector w/ Yolk6ft x 6ft Frame12ft x 12ft Frame20ft x 20ft Frame



6ft x 6ft Silk

6ft x 6ft Gird ½ or ¼

6ft x 6ft Black

6ft x 6ft Ultra Bounce / Matte Bounce

6ft x 6ft Silver Reflector

6ft x 6ft Full Grid

12ft x 12ft Silk

12ft x 12ft Black

12ft x 12ft Silver Reflector

12ft x 12ft Gold

12ft x 12ft Ultra Bounce / Matte Bounce

12ft x 12ft Full Grid

12ft x 12ft Half Grid

12ft x 12ft Quarter Grid

12ft x 12ft Single Net

12ft x 12ft Double Net

12ft x 12ft Grifflon

12ft x 12ft Chroma Green

12ft x 12ft Chroma Blue

12ft x 12ft Digital Green

12ft x 12ft Digital Blue

30ft x 29ft Silk

20ft x 20ft Silk

20ft x 20ft Black

20ft x 20ft Silver Reflector

20ft x 20ft Matte Bounce / Ultra Bounce

20ft x 20ft Grifflon

20ft x 20ft Full Grid

20ft x 20ft Half Grid

20ft x 20ft Quarter Grid

20ft x 20ft Single Net

20ft x 20ft Double Net

20ft x 20ft Chroma Green

20ft x 20ft Chroma Blue

20ft x 30ft Chroma Green

20ft x 30ft Chroma Blue


Logistic Red Mega / Purple 14ft Lighting Grip Truck Package Rental

ARRISUN 4K/2.5k Par Light x1

ARRI HMI 2.5kw Fresnel x1


ARRI HMI 1.2kw Fresnel x1

ARRI HMI 575kw Fresnel x1

Tungsten 3200k Light

ARRI T2 Fresnel x2

ARRI T1 Fresnel x2

ARRI 650w Fresnel x3

ARRI 300w Fresnel x3

Red head 800w x2

Blonde 2kw x2

Dedolight 150w x3

Kinoflo 4ft x 8Bank Image 80 x1

Kinoflo 4ft x 4bank x2

Kinoflo 2ft x 4Bank x2

Grip Equipment

20×20 Butterfly with High High Roller x2

12×12 Butterfly x1 set, 6×6 Butterfly x1 set

4×4 ft Frame x6 / 3×3 ft. Frame x3 / 4×4 Sliver Reflector x2

20×20 Black Cloth & Silk

12×12 Solid black & Silk

6×6 Black & Silk, Ultra Bounce

12×12 Black Cloth

Matthew Doorway Dolly

Matthew 6ft Straight 4.5 / Curve x3, Water Leveler

Wedges x30, 246 Block x30, Apple Box x4, Pancake x4

Manfrotto Auto Pole x4

C-Boom x2, Sandbag x20

Light Stands 007 x10 / 004 Stand x25 / C-Stand x18

Windup Stand x1, High Boy x2, Low Boy x2

Cutter Set 8pcs x2 set , 4×4 / 2×6 Black Floppy x3 Each

Matthellini Clamp x6, Junior Wall Plate x3, Baby Plate x3

Quacker Clamp x2, Furniture Clamp x4, Chain Grip x2

Wall Spreader 2×6 / 2×4 x1 ea. off Set Arm x2,

C-Clamp x4, Hollywood Grip head x2, High Roller x2

13Amp Single Phase Extention Cable x30

32Amp Single Phase Extention Cable x20

32Amp to 32Amp Jumper x5

32Amp to 13Amp Jumper x8 …

10ft lighting grip truck Package Rental

1.2kw HMI with Ballast Fresnel x1

575w HMI with Ballast Fresnel x1

Kinoflo Flo 4ft x1 & 2 ft. 4 bank x1

2kw Blondie x2, 1000w x2

ARRI 650w x3, 300w x3

Dedolight x3, 1000w Dimmer x2

Poly 4×6   x1, 6ft Ladder x1

Auto Pole Large & Medium

12 x12ft and 6x6ft Butterfly

4×4 ft. and 3×3 ft. Frame

Hong Kong Dolly

Straight Tracks 4.5, Curve Tracks x3

C-stands x12, Prestart Trolley Big x2

13 Amp Extension Cables x 17

High High Roller x2, C-Boom x1

Light Stands 007 x3, 004 Stand x10

Wedges x30, Black Cloth x5

2-4-6 Blocks x15 Tennis Ball x20

Water Leveler, Umbrella x1

Apple Box Set of 3, Pancake x1 set

Cutter and Cookie set

Super Clamps x4, Gaffer Clamps x4

Magic Arm x2, Cardelinni Clamp x4

Reflector and Polyfoam

Sand Bags x10, Canvas x1 …