HDMI & HD-SDI Monitors

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TV Logic 5.8" Onboard HDMI Convertor to SDI Out Put Monitor  , TV Logic 7" HD SDI Monitor  , TV Logic 24" HD SDI Monitor

Sony LMD 9" HD-SDI Monitor  , Sony LMD 17" HD- SDI Monitor  , SONY LMD 25" HD-SDI Monitor

SRM-074-ISO  4K_Monitor_LUM240G170G

TV LOGIC LVM-242w HD 24 inch LCD Monitor HD-SDI Output / TV Logic LVM 17 &  058 / 7" inch HD-SDI Monitor
The LVM-242W is a native 1920×1080 resolution display with advanced features like CC Decoding, Audio Level Meters, Timecode Display, & compatibility with the TVLogic automatic alignment interface. The TVLogic LVM-242W features; HD/SDSDI, Component, Composite, S-Video, RGB, and DVI-I (HDCP compliant) Inputs. The TVLogic LVM-242W is the excellent and affordable solution for many professional applications.

Sony LMD-240 24" / 170  17 inch / Sony LMD 9" HD-SDI/HDMI Input Monitor

BO7C0360  BO7C0366

The LMDA series professional monitors combine slim, lightweight, lower power consumption with an easily portable design. The new LMD-A170 17-Inch has a new low latency automatic I/P conversion, on screen tally and yoke mounting screw holes just like the new PVMA series Trimaster monitors. These new designs deliver more flexibility and ease of use for live program production, on set and broadcast truck applications. The LMDA170 will have the newest Software V1.1 that will be out in July 2014. •Camera and lens metadata display, •Picture & Picture display, •2048 x 1080 display with shift functions and much more. Sony also has re-engineered their entire design, from the chassis to the IPS LCD panel, using new advanced material and parts. The result is a savings in space and weight which directly affect’s logistical expenses

Sony 17" w/ Stand Breacket


Small HD 702 & 502 onboard Monitor

MON-502_SL_01   MON-702_SL_08

Transvideo Starlite HD5 ARRI Touch Screen Monitor

StarliteHD5-ARRI_0  IMG_4757

TV Logic LEM-250A FHD 10-bit Reference OLED Monitor  / Sony PVM-A170 OlED Picture Monitor



convergent-design-odyssey7qplus  Sound_Devices_Pix_240i_Portable_Video_890809

Astro WM-3215 HD 15 inch LCD Monitor
The WM-3215 is a measurement tool that offers functions such as image confirmation monitoring, waveform monitoring, and vector scoping. It accepts full HDTV and SDTV (525i and 625i) input signals and it can be powered off camera batteries. This solution is well suited for monitoring signals during relay, work at location sites, or studio applications, among other possible use