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13434972_10153739796926243_4993050338226920181_n  ARRI-HMI-12kw-18kw-600x400

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ARRI 18/12K Compact Resnel

ARRIMAX  M90/60 HMI Daylight

ARRIMAX  M40/25 HMI Daylight

ARRIMAX  M18/12 HMI Day Light

ARRIMAX M8/575 HMI Day Light

ARRI 6Kw HMI Fresnel Compact Daylight

ARRI 2.5kw Fresnel HMI Compact Daylight

ARRISUN 40/ 25 HMI Par Daylight w/ High Speed Ballast

ARRI 2.5Kw HMI Compact Daylight

ARRI HMI 2.5kw Par Light

ARRISUN 1.2kw Par Light  / ARRIMAX 1.8kw Par Light  w/ High Spe

ARRISUN 60 HMI Par Daylight and ARRISUN 40/25 HMI Par Daylig

ARRI 1.2Kw HMI Compact Daylight / High Speed Ballast

ARRI HMI 1.2kw Par Light  with High speed Ballast

ARRI 575w HMI Compact Daylight

ARRI HMI 575w Par Light with High Speed Ballast

HMI w/ High Speed Ballast

ARRI M8/575w w/ High Speed Ballast

ARRI M18/12kw w/ High Speed Ballast

ARRI M40/25 w/ High Speed Ballast

ARRI M90/60 w/ High Speed Ballast

ARRI 18,000kw / 12,000Kw High Speed Ballast


ARRI Sky Panel 360C

ARRI Sky Panel S60C 

ARRI Sky Panel S30C

ARRI S60 – RP Daylight

Dop Choice Chimera for S60C

Dop Choice Chimera for S30C 

Dop Choice Octa 5 w/ Rabbit Ear for S60C 

Dop Choice Octa 7 w/ Rabbit ear for S60C 

Snap Grid for Octa 5 & Octa7 

Lite Gear :

LiteMat 3 w/ AC

LiteMat 4 w/ AC 

Lite Gear Lite Rabbon 


Astera Titan bundle of 8 including DMX Box 

Astera Single Tube w/ Changer   ( 4ft or 2ft )

Aladdin LED 

Aladdin Bi-Flex 1 Bi-Color Panel 

Aladdin Bi-Flex 2 Bi-Color Panel 

Aladdin 1×1 All-in-one RGB LED Panel 

Aladdin 2×1 All-in-one RGB LED Panel 

Falconeyes LED FF 

Falconeyes Bi-Color RX-120 TDX  

Falconeyes RX-7120 RGB 600w 2nd Generation 

Falconeyes RX-818 RGB 

Falconeyes RX-824 RGB 

Falconeyes RX-836 RGB 

Aputure LED Light :

Aputure C300D Fresnel Glass 

Aputure Light Dome MKII

Aputure C300D MKII w/ Fresnel Glass 

Aputure C120D MKII w/ Fresnel Glass 

Light Dome Mini II 

Aputure Lantern 

Spot Light Mount 

Aputure Iris 

Lite Panel LED Light :

RGB 1×1 lite Panel Gamini Soft 

1×1 Litepanels Astra Soft Bi- Colour Panel w/ Batteries 

1×1 litepanels w/ Batteries 

Dedolight LED 

Dedolight DLED 7 

Dedolight DLED 7 c/w x1set in case 3 pcs w/ Accs 

Kinoflo LED Light :

Kinoflo Celed 200 

Kinoflo Celed 400

kinoflo Celed 401

kinoflo Celed 250 

Kinoflo Select 30

kinoflo freestye 21

Kinoflo Tube Vintage System :

Kinoflo Image 87  4ft x8Bank  Stock  x30 set 

Kinoflo Image 47  4ft x4Bank  Stock  x20 set 

kinoflo Image 85  4ft x8Bank Flathead 

Kinoflo Vista Beam  Stock 8 set 

Kinoflo 2ft x4bank 

Kinoflo 2ft x2Bank 

Kinoflo 2ft x1Bank 

Kinoflo 4ft x4Bank 

Kinoflo 4ft x2Bank 

Kinoflo 4ft x1Bank 

kinoflo Diva Lite 

Kinoflo Miniflo 3200K & 5600K 

K5600 Joker 

200w Joker Bug w/ AC 

400w Joker Bug w/ AC

800w Joker Bug w/ AC 

1600w Joker Bug w/ AC

ARRI Tungsten Light 

ARRI Fresnel T12   12/10Kw 
ARRI Fresnel T5     5000w 
ARRI Fresnel T2     2000w
ARRI Fresnel T1     1000w
ARRI Fresnel 650w  /  
ARRI Fresnel 300w 

Dedolight 100w / Dedolight 150w 

Film Gear Tungsten :

Filmgear 2kw Space Light 

Filmgear 6Kw Space Light 

Filmgear Maxi Brute 9 head 

Filmgear Maxi Brute 12 head 

Filmgear Mini Brute 6 head 

Filmgear Mini Brute 8 head 


Nanlite Nangang RGB 2ft LED Tube 

Nanlite Nangang RGB 4ft LED Tube 

Nanlite wirelees Remote Control & Egg Create 2ft & 4ft 

1kw Par Can Spot 

1kw Par Can Flood 

750w Source 4 ( 19, 26, 36, 50 Degree )

Chimera Triolet 1kw 

Chimera Triolet 500w

Chimera 30" Lantern 

Chimera 20" Lantern 

Chimera Pan Cake 

D.O.P Choice Light box for S30C & S60C

Octa 7  snapbag-10 sbro5_5-800x800

New Kinoflo Celeb 200 / Celed 400 DMX LED 5 Colour Present
Flicker free Variable Colour Temperature 2700k to 5600k Ready for rental

3D_CELEB_200__08407_zoom1    imgres

Kinoflo Celeb 401 , 202 & Kinoflo Select LED 30

Select-30-hero     VIS-6C-230

Kinoflo Vista bean 600 / 1ft x 1ft Lite Panel w/ V-Mount Batteries Power

10679893_10153325888183438_6301435938306302963_o  10  734658_10151674861373438_1358934867_n

HMI 800w Joker Par light   ,  HMI 400w Joker Par Light & HMI 200w Joker Par Light ,

HMI 200w Joker Par Light AC/DC V-Mount Batteries x4

ARRI HMI Day Light & Tungsten Lighting Equipment Rent

13393913_10153739796921243_4965313610492798652_n     arri_max(1)

   FILMGEAR   3D-Maxibrute-12-L

Maxibrute 9 & 12 
ARRI 750w w/ Chimera Ring
ARRI Fresnel 300w / 500w
Dedolight 150w
Dedolight 100w
Blondie 2Kw
ARRI 750w Open Face /  Redhead 800w


LED on Board Camera with Hot Shoe Batteries Power Light

Aladdin Mini LED Build in Batteries on Time 2hrs

Aladdin 1ft x 1ft & 1ft x 2ft Bi Color Fix AC/DC
Sachtler 35w Camera light with Batteries
ETC Source Four  750w ( 50 deg , 26 deg , 19 deg )
1Kw / 2.5kw and 5kw Dimmer
5 in 1 Flexifill

Kinoflo Image 85, 87, 47 5600k / 3200k Lighting Equipment



182    41

Chimera Pan Cake & 30" Lantern Light 1000w

Chimera Light Box , Size XS, S, M, L, HMI & Tunsgten 

LED Lite Panel & Others

176     astra_family

LitePanels 1ft x 1ft 5600K Flood AC/DC w/ V-Mount Batteries x2

1ft x 1ft Lite Panel High Power Astro 2000w LED Light AC/DC

Litepanels Mini 5600K Flood AC/DC w/ V-Mount Batteries x2

China Lantern Ball 500w ( 5600K / 3200K )

LED onboard camera  Light Run By AA Size or Sony  Batteries

Mini Flo Day & Tunsgten Light 2 Unit Per Set

1  2  3

Mole Richardson 2k Spacelite or 6kw Spacelite



HMI Day Light  for Digital Still photograher  " Film Gear w/ Osram Bulb " Frecker Free HMI Par Light for Rental

Filmgear HMI 4kw Par Light          

Filmgear HMI 2.5kw Par Light        

Filgear HMI Fresnel 1.2kw Par Light each Unit             

c/w Lighting Stnd & Power cable