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The World's Lightest 2/3 Type Shorder Type HD Camera Recorder with three Image Sensors revolutionizes 422 Pro Ress .The Ultra Light Weight Broadcast Camera Rental :  New Panasonic AJ-PX800 HD Camera c/w P2HD 64GB x2 , 32GB x1 , Card Reader , Canon KJ-20 x 8.5B HDTV Lens , V-Mount Batteries x4 , Charger x1 , Sachtlet DV10 3+3 SB 100mm Bowl Tripod

Promotion from April to June 2016  Rental Package SGD250 Per day

panasonic-p2-mxf-cam  BO7C0389


Promotion SGD$30 Each for Rental

Zeiss CP2  18, 21, 25, 28, 35, 50, 85,135mm EOS or PL Mount Prime

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Promotion Rental Package for SGD$150 Per Day

Sony F3k PL Mount Camera Body c/w SXS 32GB x3 , Reader , Batteries & Charger , Sachtler SB6 Tripod

f3-support-001  xd10101302_01_pmwf3l_nl_white

Red One Camera c/w full Rig and Accs Promotion Rental

Canon C300 MK1 , PMW300 , 5D MK3 , Sony A7R2 , A7S , Gopro Hero 4 , Canon C100 


Brand Equipment Cinegear Support and Rental

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