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Canon Camera

Canon EOS EF Prime L Lens Set

Canon Prime L Lens

Canon EF 14mm f2.8 L II USM
Canon EF 24mm f1.4 L II USM
Canon EF 35mm f1.4L USM
Canon EF 50mm f1.2L USM
Canon EF 85mm f1.2L II USM
Canon EF135mm f2L USM

Canon 180mm Macro Lens

Canon TS-E24mm f1.4L USM
Canon TS-E45mm f2.8L
Canon TS-E90mm f2.8L

Canon Zoom L lens

Canon EF 8-15mm f4L USM Fisheye
Canon EF 16-35mm f2.8L II USM
Canon EF 24-70mm f2.8L USM
Canon EF 24-105mm f4L IS USM
Canon EF 70-200mm f2.8L IS USM
Canon EF 100-400mm f4.5L IS USM
Canon Ef 28-300mm f3.5- 5.6 IS USM Zoom

Canon Extender 1.4 xII / Canon EF 2x II

Contex Carl Zeiss Lens / Zeiss ZF EOS Mount

18mm f.4 / 25mm f2.8 / 28mm f2.8 / 35mm f2.8 / 50mm f1.4 / 85mm f1.4 / 135mm f2.8 / 180mm f2.8 / 60mm f2.8 Micro

18mm / 21mm / 28mm / 35mm / 50mm  /  85mm / 100mm Micro

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Lighting Dept Equipment List

ARRI 12kw/18kw Fresnel
ARRI HMI 6kw Fresnel Compact
ARRISUN HMI 4Kw /2.5kw Par
ARRI HMI 2.5Kw Fresnel Compact
ARRI HMI 1.2kw Fresnel Compact
ARRI HMI 575w Fresnel Compact

KINOFLO 5600k / 3200k
Kinoflo Vista Bean 600
Kinoflo 4ft x 8Bank Flathead 80 / Image 80
Kinoflo 4ft x 4Bank / 2ft x 4Bank / Diva lite 400
Kinoflo 2ft x 2Bank / 4ft x 1Bank / 4ft x 2Bank
Kinoflo 12V Single 15? W/ Batteries x2
Miniflo Car Kit set of 2 pcs 5600k / 3200k

Lite Panel 1ft x1ft w/ Batteries x2, Charger
Lite Panel Mini Plus w/ Batt x4, Charger x1
LED onboard Camera Light

ARRI T12 Fresnel 12kw / 10kw
ARRI T5 Fresnel 5000w
ARRI 2kw Fresnel 2000w
ARRI 1kw Fresnel 1000w
ARRI 650w Fresnel
ARRI 300w / 500w Fresnel
Dedolight 150w
Dedolight 100w
Blonde 2Kw
Redhead 800w
ARRI 750w
Lowel 1000w Rifa Lit

Other Light Support
Sachtler 35w onboard Camera Light w/Battx2
ETC Source four 750w 50%
1000w Par can Spotlight
LED onboard Camera Top Lite w/ Batt x4, charger x1
1000w / 2500w / 5000w Dimmer
125Amp 3 Phase Cable 30m
63AMP Single Phase Cable 10m
32Amp Single Phase Cable 10m
13Amp Cable 8m

40” Century Stand with Arm
20”Century Stand with Arm
Pelican Gaffer Grip, Swiveling Clamp, Sky Hook, Cardellini Clamp
Mini Clamp, Super Clamp / Extension Arm, Variable Friction Arm
Quick Release Clamp, Double Articulated Arm, Baby Wall Plate
Auto Pole, Ceiling Scissor
4ft x 4ft reflecto
3ftx3ft frame / 4ftx4ft frame
6ft x 6ft Butterfly w/ Silk & Black, C-Stand x2
12ft x12ft Butterfly w/ Silk & Black
Small 3200k Chimera Light Box for 300w/650w/1kw/2kw
Apple Box set / Pan Cake Set
Pump Cup with 16mm Swivel Socket
High Roller
Low Boy
High Stand with Cranking Arm

Logistic Red Mega 14ft Lighting Grip Truck Package:  $1200
ARRIMAX M40/25 Par Light x1
ARRI HMI 2.5kw Fresnel x1
ARRIMAX M18 Par Light x2
ARRI HMI 1.2kw Fresnel x1
ARRI HMI 575kw Fresnel x1
Tungsten 3200k Light
ARRI T2 Fresnel x2
ARRI T1 Fresnel x2
ARRI 650w Fresnel x4
ARRI 300w Fresnel x4
Red head 800w x3
Blonde 2kw x3
Dedolight 150w x4
Kinoflo 4ft x 8Bank Image 80 x1
Kinoflo 4ft x 4bank x2
Kinoflo 2ft x 4Bank x2

Grip Equipment
20×20 Butterfly with High High Roller x2
12×12 Butterfly x1 set, 6×6 Butterfly x1 set
4×4 ft. Frame x5 / 3×3 ft. Frame x5 / 4×4 Sliver Reflector x4
20×20 Griffon, Black Cloth, Silk
12×12 Solid black & Silk
6×6 Black & Silk, Ultra Bounce
12×12 / 6×6 Silver Reflector / Black Cloth 10ft x 10ft x2
Matthew Doorway Dolly
Matthew 6ft Straight 4.5 / Curve x3, Water Leveler
Wedges x30, 246 Block x30, Apple Box x4, Pancake x4
Manfrotto Auto Pole Large x2 / Medium x2 / Short x2
Matthew Junior Boom x1 / C-Boom x2, Sandbag x35
Light Stands 007 x10 / 004 Stand x25 / C-Stand x25
Windup Stand x3, High Boy x4, Low Boy x4
Cutter Set 8pcs x2 set , 4×4 / 2×6 Black Floppy x3 Each
Matthellini Clamp x10, Junior Wall Plate x3, Baby Plate x3
Quacker Clamp x2, Furniture Clamp x4, Chain Grip x2
Wall Spreader 2×6 / 2×4 x1 ea. off Set Arm x2,
C-Clamp x4, Hollywood Grip head x2, High Roller x2
13Amp Single Phase Extention Cable x30
32Amp Single Phase Extention Cable x20
32Amp to 32Amp Jumper x5
32Amp to 13Amp Jumper x8 …
10ft lighting grip truck Package: $600
1.2kw HMI with Ballast Fresnel x1
575w HMI with Ballast Fresnel x1
Kinoflo Flo 4ft x1 & 2 ft 4 bank x1
2kw Blondie x2, 1000w x2
ARRI 650w x3, 300w x3
Dedolight x3, 1000w Dimmer x2
Poly 4×6 x1 , 6ft Ladder x1
Auto Pole Large & Medium
12 x12ft and 6x6ft Butterfly
4×4 ft. and 3×3 ft. Frame
Hong Kong Dolly
Straight Tracks 4.5, Curve Tracks x3
C-stands x12, Prestar Trolley Big x2
13 Amp Extension Cables x 17
High High Roller x2 , C-Boom x1
Light Stands 007 x3, 004 Stand x10
Wedges x30, Black Cloth x5
2-4-6 Blocks x15 , Tennis Ball x20
Water Leveler, Umbrella x1
Apple Box Set of 3, Pancake x1 set
Cutter and Cookie set
Super Clamps x4, Gaffer Clamps x4
Magic Arm x2, Cardelinni Clamp x4
Reflector and Polyfoam
Sand Bags x10, Canvas x1 …